Nourish your numbers 
and master your money

Helping you fix your finances

Partnering with us as  your Profit First Bookkeeper empowers you to take control of your business's finances and maximise profitability. Our expertise, tailored guidance, and ongoing support transforms the way you manage your money, ultimately leading to increased financial stability and long-term success. 

Our 3 Core Values


Above all else, we value open and honest communication. If you have goals and dreams, we want to help you achieve them. If you have had a win, we want to celebrate with you. If you are struggling, we want to know so we can find ways to assist. The more we know about your business, the more we can help!


We take a strategic approach to your bookkeeping and helping you implement Profit First into your business by looking holistically at your current money management practices in order to transform your books and bring you a profit. (Don't be surprised if I throw a little woo-woo in every now and again though!)


We value ongoing education for both ourselves and our clients. We are consistently learning & growing to help our team members and clients learn, grow and master too. We love sharing practical and useful knowledge. That "dumb" question you have? It's not so dumb... ask away, we are happy to answer!

A Professional Profit  Keeper


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Tracy Brockhoff brings with her more than 20 years of experience in small business. Throughout her career, her love of challenges, enthusiasm, sincerity, and commitment to learning and growth has left a lasting impact on those she has worked with.

Initially, Tracy completed her Cert IV in Bookkeeping, became a registered BAS Agent and established Books2BAS Services. Witnessing first hand the struggles that businesses face with cash flow and the at times, overwhelming uncertainty and stress that business owners felt around their finances, Tracy knew that change was necessary.

Motivated by her desire to make a difference, Tracy became one of only 14 Profit First Mastery members in Australia and rebranded her business to Nourish Your Numbers.

Ever since, Tracy has brought so much value to her clients across Australia, reducing their compliance and bookkeeping overwhelm in Xero, as well as simplifying processes so they can get on with what they do best.

Beyond bookkeeping, Tracy helps female entrepreneurs reduce the stress and uncertainty associated with their finances. Her focus is collaboratively planning and implementing strategies that transforms the way entrepreneurs look at their finances and improves their relationship with money bringing financial security, joy and success.

Proven METHOD = PROVEN Success

Why Profit First?

Does your business survive from cheque to cheque?

Do you have famine months followed by feast months?

Have you forgone a proper wage since starting your business?

Are you completely overwhelmed with the money-making side of your business that you’ve simply ignored your bookkeeping?

Whether you answered yes to one or all of these, we understand!

Profit First is a money management methodology designed to help you change money habits so that you can start to grow, thrive, and flourish your business.

How we can help you with

Profit First Coaching and Profit Keeping Support Services      

Finding opportunities to maximise your business profitability

The Profit First money management methodology has revolutionised how many small business look at their financials. There are only a handful of certified Profit First professionals across Australia, who have undertaken the necessary training and certification to be able to help businesses not only achieve, but sustain profits, within their business.

Profit First is a behavioural way of managing money in your business.

It works with your natural money managing tendencies instead of against them.

Choose to work with us in either a Profit First Coaching capacity, where we assess your business for profitability and then help you plan for profits. We then support you to meet your profit goals by giving you the tools, methods, and accountability.

Or choose to let us support your profitability and growth with Profit Keeping support packages. Our packages have various inclusions but you will always receive account reconciliation, bookkeeping, payroll support, end of financial year lodgements, taxation and BAS preparation and lodgement, and superannuation support. Find out more about the inclusions over on our Profit Keeping page.

Profit First Coaching    

Tracy is a qualified Profit First Professional and as such can undertake a Profit First Assessment to reveal opportunities to maximise your profit.

Your Profit First Assessment will be delivered within two weeks of receiving all the necessary financial information.


Profit Keeping Support      

As a Profit First Professional, Tracy is concerned with one thing – making your business profitable and that includes paying yourself a wage!

Profit Keeping support packages cover a range of financial support services including support for: reconciliations, bookkeeping, payroll, tax/BAS superannuation.


Accreditations & Associations