Why did Nourish Your Numbers start?

After 5 years as Books2BAS Services, Tracy Brockhoff and her team are excited to evolve into Nourish Your Numbers. 

As Owner and BAS Agent, Tracy, will tell you,


“Nourish Your Numbers is my way of helping. Whether it’s because you’re busy working in your business, or need to focus on what you do best, rather than the bookkeeping and financials. Or you just want to some time to recharge and look after yourself so you can be the best version of you.

I want to be a part of your business and educate you about your numbers so your business can grow. Rather than your money controlling you, I want you to control your money.”


A heartfelt review by a client proved to be a turning point for Tracy, realising she needed to shift her business up a gear, because it’s about more than just bookkeeping.

“Reading that I’d helped my client to no longer feel ‘inadequate’ was a huge moment. As women in business, we feel that we’re expected to know everything, and then if we don’t that we’re failing. I’m out to change that - through education, not intimidation.”

Helping you put Profit First


Tracy and her team are not only passionate about helping your small business understand your numbers – but also that you put your own wages and profit first.


Because realistically, profit is why everyone is in business. Yet, it is so often the last thought, or worse - an afterthought.


And don’t get us started on wages – we have seen so many business owners fall out of love with their business simply because they never drew a proper wage for themselves. You CAN have a business you love and still pay yourself!


As Tracy exclaims, “Profit First is a game changer. It is the glue that brings together my vision for Nourish Your Numbers and how to educate small business owners about taking control of their finances.


By following the Profit First system and putting money aside into delegated bank accounts, you can continue to spend from your Operating Expenses Account, allocate money for Tax Obligations, Owners Drawings and Profit. You can even use your Profit Account to treat yourself, as well as still taking a wage from your business!


Being a Profit First Professional means Tracy is there for support and accountability. Part of the accreditation process has been implementing it herself, so she can share her own challenges and success stories.


“There’s no doubt that Profit First helps you tighten your belt and reassess everything that comes and goes from your bank account, to become disciplined about what truly creates value. We can all get a little bit caught up, with little expenses mounting up, or not reigning in the big ones.  I know that myself. For me, stationery and new shiny software was my downfall!


Now, because I love watching my Profit Account build, I think twice before I sign up for the latest and greatest software. This not only saves me money but time as I no longer need to spend hours learning a new software.”

A little more about Tracy


Tracy Brockhoff brings with her more than 20 years experience in small business. Her love of challenges, enthusiasm, sincerity, and commitment to learning and growth have created much impact over the years.


It was 5 years ago that her career changed course – when she completed her Cert IV in Bookkeeping, became a certified BAS agent and opened Books2BAS Services. This came about after working in accounts for a country mechanic, where she saw firsthand how bringing in experts was both costly and time consuming.


As Tracy explains, “I spent hours of my own time to find solutions, but it made me realise that there were many businesses in the same situation and regardless of location, very few small to medium businesses were able to get the timely, expert help they needed.”


Ever since, Tracy has brought so much value to her clients in the South East and beyond, reducing their compliance and bookkeeping overwhelm in Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks Online, as well as simplifying processes so they can get on with what they do best.


Tracy will happily admit that she’s always got something on the go. “I’ve got such a love for learning, which is why you’ll find me doing a course on a Sunday! It’s just my personality, when I see an issue, I want to resolve it and I’m highly committed to the end result.”


When she’s not at the office (or learning something new), you’ll find Tracy in her garden attempting to revive plants her black thumb has tried to finish off or at the beach, indulging her love of fishing and getting grounded.


All so that she walks her talk, and creates the space to switch off, just as she does for her own clients.

Whether you need to revive your bookkeeping and account keeping practices or want to take your financial understanding to the next level to truly thrive and flourish, Nourish Your Numbers has a package to help.


Like to find out more? Contact us now for a free, no-obligation, 15 minute chat to review the health of your bookkeeping and business or to find out more about Profit First.



Take your bookkeeping to the next level in organisation, efficiency and ease-of-use with cloud-based software.

We routinely utilise cloud-based technologies and encourage businesses to become paper-free with their bookkeeping. No more ledgers, timesheets or journals to file and store or searching for those random little receipts when you’re in the cloud!


We can help with software selection, setup, training, ongoing support and troubleshooting.


We can assist with payroll, GST, superannuation, BAS/IAS and end of financial year obligations. 

We are registered BAS agents and can help you prepare and lodge BAS and IAS activity statements for your business on an agreed schedule.  Other ATO compliance matters we can assist with include: 

  • GST and PAYGW Lodgement

  • Single Touch Payroll Lodgements for employees

  • Payroll Tax

  • Superannuation Guarantee

  • TPAR Reporting


If you need to have ongoing communications with the ATO over certain matters such as those outlined above, we can also act on your behalf in discussions with the ATO.


Tackling the ‘too hard’ parts with a deep dive into your business’ data to give you all the information you need for business decisions.

We ensure your data integrity whether it be with a business health check, data review, balance and reconciliation, payroll setup and support or financial reporting and troubleshoot any anomalies.​


All the training and support your business needs to perform bookkeeping tasks and work with your accounting software.

You can expect training sessions to be tailored to the needs of your business and employees level of experience.


All the support your business needs to manage its finances.

We offers a host of core bookkeeping services and we specialise in helping businesses of all sizes and shapes with their specific bookkeeping needs.

Nourish Your Numbers can help you get all your financial ducks in a row and assist with building a system that will take the pain out of invoicing your customers, banking your earnings, paying your creditors and collecting from your debtors. When this balance is right and these systems are in place, you can also be sure that the cash will be on hand for you to do the things you need and want to do to build your business the way you want.


We can provide support with preparing reports and documents for your accountant and the ATO or help in discussing specific business matters with them.

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