DIY Profit First Courses & Masterclasses

Freshly designed DIY Profit First courses and masterclasses, created with your needs in mind

Our DIY programs are designed to empower you at every step of your entrepreneurial journey

Profit First 101: Your step-by-step guide to healthier business cashflow!

This is a 12-step DIY course teaching solo and small business owners how to implement the Profit First cashflow system for greater profitability and longevity.

Learn All The Skills Required To Assess Your Financial Status, Set Achievable Goals, and Implement Profit First To Achieve Your Goals!

By following this 12-step course, solopreneurs and small business owners will learn how to understand, implement, and use the Profit First model effectively, ensuring their businesses remain financially stable & profitable in the long term.

Create A Business You Love: Instant Access Masterclass with Iesha Delune

Are you ready to transform or transition your business?
Are your business foundations different to the day you started?
Do you know what your business foundations actually are??
This insightful video by Iesha Delune will help you navigate the path of transformation. She also lets you in on a secret (shhhh!), in order to implement long term sustainable change, you must be authentic to your core values and beliefs in order to get the most out of your business.

You will need to ask yourself some confidence building questions:

What do you love doing?
What outcomes do you love delivering?
What do you find depleting and draining?
What is inspiring and energising?
Once you have the confidence to be yourself, and trust your own instincts your business decisions will flow seamlessly, Iesha will explain how this works in more detail…

Increase Your Prices Without Upsetting Your Clients: Instant Access Masterclass with Laura Elkaslassy

In this video we unpack all things related to the age old question…How can I increase my prices without upsetting my customers? And yes, it is possible. By following along with Laura and her strategies on how best to go about implementing your new pricing structure you can essentially pull off the bandaid (with the least amount of pain squinting as possible!) and start seeing those profit margins soar.

There is some homework you will need to do prior to the increase the success in your rollout, to ensure the best for your business. Laura will take you through these step by step in the video.

You may even find that you are scared of losing customers if you increase your prices, or asking yourself when is the best time to implement these changes – rest assured, these fears and questions are all tackled in this video.

Outsourcing to Step Into Your Zone of Genius: Instant Access Masterclass with Michelle Tolhurst

Are you ready to step into your zone of genius, and concentrate on the things you love to do? In this video Michelle Tolhurst shares her tips and strategies for outsourcing.

Perhaps you have a fear of letting go? This will be addressed

Perhaps you are not sure what tasks to outsource? This will be addressed

Perhaps you are unsure where to look for the right people to help you? This will be addressed

Perhaps you are unsure about how to manage expectations for both you and your new team member? This will be addressed

Be prepared to feel the weight lifted off your shoulders effective immediately when you implement the strategies that Michelle is sharing with you.