Not your ordinary bookkeeper

Bookkeeping Experience + Profit First Certification = Profit Keeping solutions
and packages designed to keep your business finances running smoothly
without ever worrying about your cash flow again.



Using the Profit First Methodology

Our Profit Keeping packages are a proactive approach to managing your money in your business.

Designed with a bookkeeper’s eye using the Profit First methodology means your money is managed efficiently, as well as effectively.

We’ll create your accounts using the Profit First percentages and help you to set up automations and processes so that your money flows smoothly through your chart of accounts.

You’ll never experience the “money in, money out” fears again – your accounts will always have allocated funds.

Ready to feel empowered about your finances again and start paying yourself a wage?


Nourish Your Numbers
Suzanne Drabsch - Bliss Kingston SE

“I have been working with Tracy for over 7 years in several capacities. Over that time, my businesses have evolved and Tracy has become much more involved. As a result of that she has enthusiastically increased her “offerings and skill set” as a result of my business needs (different account packages/add-ons etc.)

I love how Tracy is constantly improving her business and knowledge, which in turn helps me. Tracy is extremely professional, always approachable and very sincere. She is an integral part of my businesses.”

Bliss Kingston SE


Profit Keeper Packages

Your Profit Keeping package is based on the size of your business and your intake.

That’s why it’s never a one size fits all approach.

See the highlights of our three packages – Flourish, Thrive, and Grow – below.


The sky’s the limit with our Flourish package. You’ll get access to all our Profit Keeping and Profit First services. We’ll undertake a Profit First Assessment to guide your Plan and help you achieve and sustain profitability in your business through regular coaching calls. This is our premium monthly package for a reason! 


If you’re scaling fast, then our Thrive package is for you. You’ll have access to most of our Profit Keeping and Profit First services, however there are limitations on the amount of contact we will have. We’ll use your Profit First Assessment to guide your profitability, however not as many accountability meetings as the Flourish package. 


If you’re a growing business then our Grow package might be perfect for your needs. It’s our least inclusive package, however, you’ll still benefit from the Profit First methodology in your business! We will also provide bookkeeping maintenance support to help you grow. We’ll take a snapshot assessment of your business.