Happy Clients

Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients meet their financial goals.
From paying yourself a wage, to growing a profitable business or simply removing the bookkeeping burden,
we’ve helped many happy clients smash their goals.

Nourish Your Numbers
Lachie & Amanda Stewart - Cherrita

“Our office system was very inefficient when we had Tracy to come on board and help us with our bookkeeping. It was clear from our first meeting that it was going to be worth the investment, as she immediately found inconsistencies and savings within our business.
Before working with Tracy and Nourish Your Numbers, we had a messy blend of paper and online bookkeeping which made it difficult to find documents and to complete wages, BAS and super and to meet other important deadlines. Now we have a stream-lined system using Xero and Hubdoc which makes it easy for us to communicate with our accountant and bookkeeper when making important business decisions.
Our most significant changes are:
🍃 How much time we have saved by improving efficiency in record keeping;
🍃 Feeling more organised so that we can make better decisions with accurate information to hand when we need it;
🍃 More confidence that we have our 'finger on the pulse' and have the support of experts like Tracy and the team at Nourish Your Numbers when we need them.”


Nourish Your Numbers
Laura Mudge -  EcoPatch

“Nourish Your Numbers made the whole transition to Profit First and the ProfitKeeping package so easy. I had been concerned about letting someone in to help with my financial management, but Tracy made this such a great process. After doing my first distribution I feel really liberated and I feel far more in control of my finances that I ever have. The boundaries that Profit First has set up helps me feel at ease and to know what money is allocated for.”


Nourish Your Numbers
Carly - Happy Client

“I have just completed my first quarterly BAS after implementing the Profit First system with 1:1 support from Tracy. I had such wonderful peace of mind to already have the money put aside for my tax, and to feel some security with the figures given that my earnings were quite different to previous quarters.
Implementing the Profit First system has required that I change how and why I do things, which has really challenged me. Tracy has been a sensitive and reassuring guide at each step of the process. I have felt safe and comfortable to discuss the 'why' behind what I had been doing, and Tracy was able to translate those emotion-driven actions into financial habits to help streamline my processes and bring security.
I had heard about Profit First many years ago and had borrowed the book from the library on more than one occasion, but was unable to work out how to make changes relevant to me as a sole trader. For the first time in 9.5 years of private practice my business finances are now separated from our family ones, and as a family we are building more clarity around what we can and can't afford. We are finally working towards saving for a holiday, and we are able to think about what we need in savings to provide security for the 'what if's' in life.
I am so incredibly grateful to Tracy for her kind and compassionate approach. She was responsive to my questions in a timely manner and thoughtful in tailoring the Profit First system to my individual needs. I can't recommend her service highly enough.”

Happy Client

Nourish Your Numbers
Suzanne Drabsch  - Bliss Kingston SE

“I worked with Tracy for over 7 years in several capacities. Over that time, my businesses evolved and Tracy became much more involved. As a result she enthusiastically increased her “offerings and skill set” as a result of my business needs (different account packages/add-ons etc.)

I love how Tracy is constantly improving her business and knowledge, which in turn helps me. Tracy is extremely professional, always approachable and very sincere. She was an integral part of my businesses.”

Bliss Kingston SE

Nourish Your Numbers
Lisa Bawden  - Thistle & Bee

“Being a small business owner there is so many balls in the air. Having someone that can take care of one area of my business and do it with 100% efficiency gives me peace of mind. I know that all reporting deadlines (ATO) are being met with a high degree of accuracy.

Tracy goes above and beyond. Through discussion she has been able to point me toward software that helps streamline my processes. She has a in depth knowledge of bookkeeping and is 100% trustworthy. My business would be lost without her.”

Thistle & Bee

Nourish Your Numbers
Urszula Richards  - Onlineiq Pty Ltd

“I so wish that I had met Tracy before now! I have struggled, and stumbled and made a big mess of my books which she has now sorted out.​

Being an online girl, I thought by simply using Xero to pull in my bank accounts, and do my invoicing would mean that my accounts would be managed perfectly. While those functions in Xero are great, there is a lot more to keeping my financials in order to make them accurate and a meaningful business tool.

​Now that I have employees, I also needed to make sure I was compliant with everything, and Tracy has overseen the setup of all of this in Xero.

My accountant will be much happier with the state of my books this year, and that it won’t take her as long to complete my end of year financials.”

Onlineiq Pty Ltd