Ready to Feel Empowered About Your Finances?

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It's time to finally feel empowered about your finances!

Have you ever looked at your bank account, invoice list or Profit & Loss and just seen a jumble of numbers or thought “I feel like my business is going ok.” But part of you also feels a bit sick or anxious because you’re not 100% sure?

And what about your Tax, Super, Workcover, Loan Payments…do you know that you’ll meet your deadlines? And that you have enough to cover them all?

Are you so busy working in your business, you struggle to find the time to work on it? Or do you simply want to work on what you do best…which isn’t financials?

Here at Nourish Your Numbers, we provide more than just bookkeeping services, we are incredibly passionate about working with you, to create a personal plan so you truly understand your numbers, your cash flow improves, and your business grows.

Without stress, overwhelm or anxiety. Sound good? Thought so!

Same team, exciting new beginnings

I’m excited to announce that on the 5th anniversary of my first bookkeeping business, Books2BAS Services, we have now evolved into Nourish Your Numbers.

Even though we’ve loved whipping your accounts into shape, it’s about the bigger picture. We don’t want to help you just balance your books.

I want you teach you how to own your numbers. I want you to feel empowered about your finances.

All too often, I’ve met clients who feel intimidated by their accounts, or feel like they’ve got gaps in their knowledge.

And the end result is they feel stressed about financial reports or making decisions about the future of their business.

Or worse, they feel inadequate.

Which is exactly what a lovely of client of mine wrote in a heartfelt review. The fact that I’d helped her no longer feel inadequate made it clear for me. I needed to take my business up a notch, because this is something I want to help more women in business with.

So often we feel that we’re expected to know everything, and be everything (wife, mother, chief cook and bottle-washer, business owner, and some) and be amazing at it all. Then when comparison-itis creeps in we feel like we’re failing.

I’m definitely out to change that - through education, not intimidation.

Time to prosper with Profit First

Another part of our new business which I’m incredibly excited about is becoming an accredited Profit First professional.

In traditional profit equations, Sales – Expenses = Profit. But taking the Profit First system flips that on its head.

And, it’s a game changer!

It helps you reassess everything you spend money on from your business account. For some it might be the smallest things like that $5 per month recurring subscription charge for something that seemed like a good idea at the time, or for others like myself, it might be curbing impulse spending on stationery!

Because I’ve implemented it in my own business as I’ve gone through the accreditation, I’ll be able to share the challenges I’ve had with it, as well as the wins.

The Profit First services and methodology goes hand in hand with the Nourish Your Numbers mission and I'm looking forward to helping business owners eradicate debt and put their profit first.

For my clients, I want them to look at their bank accounts and celebrate that they’ve got their money in their Profit account.

How we can help you?

Whether you need to revive your bookkeeping and account keeping practices, or want to take your understanding of your numbers to the next level to truly thrive and flourish – we’ve got a package that will suit.

And the beauty of remote bookkeeping and cloud accounting systems, is that we can work closely together, no matter where you are!

So, are you new to business and feel your bookwork getting further and further behind as you get busier and busier? Perhaps you’re just so busy working in your business that reconciling goes by the wayside?

Then you’re missing out on valuable data from your accounting package and the reports you run won’t correctly show your current performance. Let’s fix that!

Or perhaps you’re growing and have employees now (congratulations!), but need to outsource the bookkeeping to ensure your processes, procedures and business all flow easily.

Maybe you want to better understand your business so you know how well you’re doing. Because you might ‘feel’ like they’re going ok, but don’t have solid accounting reports and strategy in place so you know.

Let’s work together and educate you on how to the best out of your figures, and how to make educated decisions about the future of your business, from up-to-date, accurate data.

As a qualified BAS agent with Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks Online experience, we’ll help your small business reduce the compliance and bookkeeping overwhelm, streamline your processes, and give you the opportunity to concentrate on what you do best.

And the great part about working with Nourish Your Numbers, is that we work with you how you need – doing as little or as much as you require.

Here at Nourish Your Numbers, we are passionate about helping your small businesses understand your numbers, feel confident about making financial decisions, improve your cashflow and ensure that as a business owner, you pay yourself first!

Contact us now for a free, no-obligation, 15 minute chat to review the health of your bookkeeping and business or to find out more about Profit First.

It's the first step to feel empowered about your finances again!

Certified Profit First Professionals


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